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Peace of Mind & Proceeds to benefit

Peace of Mind

Walk with confidence knowing that the Snapdragon Alarm is conveniently at your fingertips and readily available at a moments notice.   Most potential attackers flee when they're caught off guard by the piercing 120 decibel alarm. Dogs too!  This is the perfect accessory for any occasion! 

Parents & grandparents ~ Arms filled with children, groceries, bags, toys etc., Snapdragon Alarm is worn as a necklace, it's not tied to a keychain that's in your bag or purse.   It's right there, immediately available!

Proceeds to Benefit

Proceeds from each Snapdragon sold will be donated. 

Partnering with groups like the A21 Campaign will help bring awareness to the global human trafficking crisis. Currently there are 27 million people trapped in modern day slavery. Yes, even in the United States! Average age of abduction...... 12 years old.

YOUR purchase is aiding victims around the globe!


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