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About Snapdragon Alarm

Created by a mom for her daughter~

     As a mom of a teenage daughter, I won't tie her security to a keychain, which will be at the bottom of her purse, or a phone that can easily be dropped.  I created the Snapdragon Alarm to be worn as a necklace.  Conveniently accessible as an immediate response in an unsafe situation.   Giving her personal security when seconds matter most.  I also know that fashion is a statement, and she's not going to wear the same thing every day.  So I made this security necklace in a variety of colors to coordinate with her wardrobe.   My hope is that everyone finds a color that they'll wear everyday, making personal security an important part of their daily lives.

I wear my Snapdragon as extra security when traveling, shopping or walking my dog.  Its ideal for realtors, late shift employees (restaurant servers with cash on hand), grandparents, moms, children walking home from school.... just about anyone in any situation.  It allows your hands to be free from holding a keychain alarm; and its readily accessible for immediate use! 



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